Nervous but I will Overcome

I’m nervous as this will be the first Pickleball league game I will be actually playing. Don’t get me wrong, but I only started playing this game since September 2017.

We will be playing against Ahwatukee Recreation Center. I am glad Margie is back playing also. Sure I was a substitute in the previous games, but I will be partnering with Bonnie, the Coach.

The games went good. The first and second game we beat ARC. The third game was tougher, and we didn’t get to 8 in our score. The finally game we lost also, but we did score to 11 so we scored another point in our team points. We lost by 3 points against ARC, but overall the Solera team did good.


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The New Year – 2018


My plans are to step up my game at Pickleball so I can say I know the game and the fun that is possible.

Sewing with the Sew What Quilters, I want to finish some of my projects, and complete the projects I have from Mom and Dad’s stash.

Start an exercise program where I can get back to my happy weight and size to fit into my clothes.

Seek new adventures in the area of Arizona.

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Goals – Commitment – Remembrance

I was thinking this morning since it was my Dad’s 88th birthday, I thought I need to get back on track with my goals. I know I should be happy that my Dad is pain free and having a blast in Heaven doing everthing he hasn’t been able to do the last 10 years of his life. True, it’s only been 41 days since he started a new life in Heaven, and I have not felt like doing my workouts consistently. I need to publicly state this to ask the support of my friends and relatives to hold me accountable with my goals.   

 So you may be asking what goals do I wanting to focus on. One goal for next year will be my first marathon (26.2 miles). So this year, I want to focus on getting stronger and doing some cross training that will built up my endurance and strength to keep me injury free. I may not be the fastest runner, but I do complete what I start. I know I have the dedication to succeed in anything I put my mind to.

After a month and a half off of consistent weight training, I am going to focus on three days a week of weight training with cardio 2-3 days until October. Although, I won’t have weekends off to do training with my running club, I will have more fixed days where I can train consistently.

In October, I will re-evaulate my training schedule if I have been consistent, I will increase my training times. I do have a couple of races scheduled for November and December so I want to be confident in my training where the increase in miles will not be a problem.

I know my Dad is watching and cheering me which makes me PROUD in making this committment of my health/exercise goals.

  If you are wanting to make a commitment in your health/exercise goals, please feel free to message me by clicking on my Facebook Page advertisement in the right column. The more the merrier as we start making plans for our future! 

Happy Birthday Dad! Mom is being well cared for, I love you!

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