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I turned 58 years old this year. For the past 16 years, my job has been sitting 7 and half hours a day, at a console staring at a computer screen as a Radio Operator. Prior to this job, I was pretty active playing softball, scuba diving running 5K, and working out at the gym. My active duty military commitment ended in 1988, and my fitness level decreased because I couldn't set aside time to jog and exercise. Although still in the Military Reserves and still required to accomplish the physical fitness test, the time I had allocated for exercise slowly decreased and eventually I lost incentive to continue at the same level as when I was active duty. In 1998, I retired from the Military with 25 years of service. I still had an average fitness level, and I encouraged others in their struggle to pass their fitness tests. I was two years into my present job, working the night shift, and my meals were never consistent. Although still working out after work, my eating habits got away from me. My workout regiment throughout the years was somewhat sporatic. I had joined fitness clubs, played city league softball, but workouts were not consistent. Coupled with that inconsistency, I also suffered a couple of injuries that limited my fitness routines. In March 2010, I saw myself on video from my Church's Veterans Choir from the year before. I was shocked!! At that moment, I made a decision to get back in shape. Low and behold, the Beachbody - P90X was being broadcast when I turned off the video. So I made the commitment and immediately ordered the program. In April 2010, a couple of co-workers and I pledged to lose some weight in 90 days. I knew I had an advantage, I had a plan with P90X. At first, I didn't let anyone know what I was doing. Then they started to notice a change in my energy levels and body appearance. Well, I did let them know I was doing P90X with Tony Horton in the comfort of my own home. The hardest challenge I had to overcome was the daily commitment to a set time and to "Press Play". I just had to remember a quote Tony would say “Do your best and forget the rest”. My Coach and upline are great motivators and helped me get my nutrition plan in order and I could start losing the fat. About two weeks before I completed my 90 days with P90X, I decided I could become a Coach and help others in their struggle to control their weight and get fit. In July 2010, I completed P90X and then continued on with Slim N 6. I lost 45 pounds and I've never felt better! 2013, Goals are attainable! I'm still exercising and stronger than I've ever been. I have competed three half marathons and numerous shorter races, and I enjoy helping others reach their goals in losing weight and getting a healthier life. Join me in this process to - Get Fit No Xcuse.

Goals – Commitment – Remembrance

I was thinking this morning since it was my Dad’s 88th birthday, I thought I need to get back on track with my goals. I know I should be happy that my Dad is pain free and having a blast … Continue reading

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Boost your Shake. Boost your Health.

Some days you need more energy, other days you may not be getting enough veggies. Thanks to NEW Shakeology® Boosts, you now have the power to customize your shakes to your specific needs. Introducing 3 unique Boosts: Focused Energy Boost, … Continue reading

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Streaming Your Workouts On-The-Go!

With the technology advancing, we now are able to stream our workouts via your phone, iPads, laptops, or any portable device. Check out Beachbody On Demand  or sign up now. With Beachbody on Demand you get unlimited access to stream hundreds of … Continue reading

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FREE 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge

I’m just finishing up my second round of Body Beast the end of March, and ready for my next round. My summer is going to be EPIC!   Here is the details. Starts on Monday, April 6th. Here’s what’s involved: … Continue reading

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Michi’s Ladder – Your Food Substitution Guide

So what in the heck is Michi’s Ladder? You may have heard of this Michi’s Ladder thing and curious as to what in the world it is. When I initially heard “Michis Ladder” I immediately thought it was some type … Continue reading

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