Is It Better to Walk or Run?

There is much evidence pointing to being active and regular exercise as the single best thing a person can do to improve health and longevity, and walking and running are popular ways to get the exercise you need. So, which is better?

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New Flavor, Vanilla Shakeology, To Die For!

It’s finally here! After years of begging and asking, Vanilla Shakeology has arrived!

Now you may be wondering what Shakeology even is…and I’ll get to that in a moment, but I want you to know that I’m not here to convince you that you should use it. Truly. I’m here to give you my experience only.

Also keep in mind that I’m not here to debate ingredients or do comparisons with any other products. As a diligent consumer, you need to do your own research and make your own informed decisions.

Ok, now we know that I’m not here to sell you, let me tell you about Shakeology.

Over three years ago, I was introduced to this shake that was supposed to be the equivalent of 5 trips to the salad bar nutritionally. Hmmmmm…really?

I’m skeptical by nature, so I did my research and was truly amazed how healthy it was. So amazed in fact that I continue to drink it daily.

Anyways, over the past three years, I’ve watched new flavors be introduced…first Chocolate and Greenberry, then Vegan Tropical Strawberry followed by Vegan Chocolate.

The one flavor everyone, including myself, wanted however was vanilla. GIVE US VANILLA.

And we always received the answer No.

The reason was because Beachbody refused to put on the market a substandard product…and they couldn’t find a pure vanilla that met their standards.

Until now.

Unbeknownst to those of us asking, Beachbody has spent the past 2 years searching around the world…yes you read that correctly…around the world…for this “holy grail” of vanilla bean.

And they found it…deep in the lush jungles of Madagascar.

Of course, I ordered it right away! I made it two different ways and am giving you my honest opinion.

First, I simply mixed it with water.

The smell and taste of the vanilla when mixed just with water was rather mild. I couldn’t taste wheat grass…something that I could with the Greenberry. I’ve never been a fan of vanilla anything in just plain water, so I doubt that I’ll use this method. It was tolerable though if needed quickly.

The next way that I made it is the reason why I wanted Vanilla Shakeology in the first place…to use as base for amazing recipes.

In a blender, I mixed ½ cup of almond milk, ½ cup of water, ½ cup of plain non-fat Greek yogurt, 1 scoop of Vanilla Shakeology, ½ cup of fresh blueberries, and a handful of ice.

The outcome was THE BOMB!!!

Vanilla Shakeology definitely gets a thumb up from me. It’s mild enough that you can make awesome milkshake recipes in more combinations than I could list right now. If you can imagine it, you can make it. Orders yours today!

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Newest Superfood, Vegetarian, Protein Source

Last year, I added this new superfood to my diet. Of course, I never heard of it before, and I was very hesitant to buy it.

Quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah), which is grain-like (and can be cooked like 20130215-063146.jpg
other grains), is actually a seed. It’s also gluten free. A nutrition-rich slow releaser of carbohydrates food, which helps your body maintain an even level of blood sugar and energy.

Benefits: Quinoa is high in minerals and vitamins such as potassium, zinc, copper, manganese and iron. The seeds are rich in riboflavin, folic acid, and beta-carotene and contains vitamin C as well. And it’s delicious!

To Prepare: Before cooking quinoa, place your measured grain in a fine strainer and hold it under cold running water until the water runs clear.

To cook quinoa, use one cup quinoa to 2 parts liquid. I have only used water to cook it, but you can also use broth or juice. Combine the liquid and quinoa in a medium sauce pan, bring to a boil, and reduce heat to a simmer. Cover the pan and let it simmer for 12 to 15 minutes, until all the liquid has been absorbed. Remove from heat and fluff with a fork. Two cups of raw quinoa will expand to approximately 5 cups cooked. Cooked quinoa will keep well in the refrigerator up to 5 days.

20130215-063101.jpgUses: Eat it in the morning as a hot cereal, use it as the base for a tabbouleh or pilaf with vegetables, combine it in salads, stir fry dishes, soups, desserts, casseroles and many more uses. You will find many great recipes on the internet, or include ground quinoa as one of the grains in a homemade loaf of multigrain bread. You may even find pasta made from quinoa in your grocery store.

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Black Friday Specials!

It is true! This has never been offered before as a Black Friday Special. Copies are limited so don’t delay in getting your order in NOW!  The OFFER starts at 9:00 am P.S.T.

We are talking about BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS! 

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 Look, I understand how difficult it can be to stay on track over the holidays with your health & fitness. I’ve always struggled in the past with “being naughty” as well. Maybe it’s because it feels like too much pressure to workout, eat well, and still get shopping done & the gifts wrapped. Continue reading

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